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Library and Handouts

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Books, Magazines, and Video Library

Since moving into the mall in 2019 the club has aquired a somewhat large number of books, magazines, and videos.

A member has volunteered to be the librarian. In the coming months he will compile a database of our colection. Items will be available for members to read.

Details will be made available as the work progresses.


Useful Handouts

These handouts have been produced my club members for the use of other club member. They are NOT to be sold nor distributed on the internet or in printed form of any manner.


Digital Command Control

Is It Progress? (PDF) An informative piece by Gearld Hopkins, used with permission

A Brief Tutorial For EasyDCC (PDF)

Wiring Reverse Loops and Wyes (PDF)

Add Lighting to Passenger Cars (PDF)

Basic Programing of DCC Locomotives (PDF)

DCC Friendly Turnouts (PDF)

Adapting Modular Standards and Concepts for Home Layouts (PDF)

Mike B's speed matching handlout


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