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The N scale "Lessons Learned" Page

Number Four

February, 2020

Our return loop modules have an auto reversing section controlled by Digitrax AR-1 units. We have found these devices to be less than satisfactory because the seem to react differently depending upon the individual locos running through the loop.

We used these devices because they were a donation, so to save money we used them.

We became dissatisfied with them due to the frequent stalling and hesitations.

We have installed DCC Specialties PDX-AR units and are totally satisfied with them.

Number Three

October 26, 2019

Bert attempted to place the first corner mondule in service. We located it and connected the track. When the track power was turned on the Red line had a short. He thought he had tested the module at home, but obviously had not and didn't bother to use the inspection form. Finding and repairing the short took about an hour mostly because the module was already installed in the layout which required working under the module.

In the future the inspection form will be used and placed in a binder on-site for reference.

Number Two

September 21, 2019

The club has begun using WAHL clipper oil on the track. This product promotes electrical conductivity from the rails to the locomotive wheels. We have found it to be a great help in keeping our N Scale trains running smoothly!

Number One

October 2, 2018

Refer to the photo below. Notice the silver metal piece inserted into the brown plastic piece. This is the part that makes contact with the two wires. It is removable and sometimes falls out during shipping. I have found them loose in the bag I purchased.

The problem occurs when care is not taken to insert the metal piece back into the plastic part correctly, it will fit either way. It has two slots: one narrow and one wide. The wide slot must be aligned to make contact with the larger wire and the narrow slot must align with the smaller wire.

If inserted backwards the larger wire might be damage and there will not be electrical continuity with the small wire. If you find there is no continuity between the larger and smaller wires check for incorrect installation of the metal part.


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