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Our layout was designed by a longtime member, Eric Rudolph, as a sectional layout
with elevation changes and movement from the front to the back of the modules.


Download the HO Layout Standards Document here


  • The layout is wired so that we can run either DC or DCC power.
  • There is a total of 20 modules which can be arranged in 3 different configurations.
  • The largest is 30'x34', the intermediate is 18'x22', and the smallest is 14'x18'.
  • The layout has approximately 337' (6 scale miles) of track in our 2 mainlines and branch line.
  • Our mainline tracks are code 100, and our branch line is code 83.
  • Our design radius for curves on the mainline is 44.5 inches and 33 inches on the branch line.
  • The layouts scenery is based on the 1950 - 1960 era.
  • Our crowd pleasing "World Famous" Durfee's Starburst® Mine allows us to introduce youngsters to the fun side of model railroading.
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