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Why should you join the BNMR N Scale Division?

If you are new to the hobby, then joining a club is a good way to learn about the hobby. We welcome new members of any knowledge and skill level.

One of the advantages of the modular format is that you only need to build one module. This can be a 2' x 4' module which can be a more manageable task. The single module can then be part of a much larger layout where we run multiple trains that are longer than would possible on most home layouts.

The NTRAK Division is organized and functions to provide an opportunity for N scale modelers to pursue their interests by use of the NTRAK module system. NTRAK (est. in 1973) is an international association of model railroaders that created a set of standards that anyone may use to build N scale modules.

These modules can be joined together to form layouts of virtually any size and shape. In the 50+ years of NTRAK there have been over 5,000 modules built.

The National NTRAK standards will be applied to all modules built for use by us. Slight variations, where allowed in the National NTRAK Standard, will be allowed if module operability or compatibility with other modules is not affected.

The BNMR NTRAK Division faithfully adheres to the national NTRAK standards. Faithful adherence to the standards will mean that our modules will be totally compatible with those of other NTRAK groups and thus when invited we could join them in setting up a layout.

The NTRAK Manual is available to download free at www.nrail.org. Other publications may be purchased there as well. We have in our possession copies of the NTRAK Manual, the NTRAK "How-to" book, the NTRAK DCC Manual, and the NTRAK Track Plan Set. These are available for our member's reference and guidance.


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